Whitewater paddle sports is a sub-niche within an already nuanced sector of recreational sports.  Being a paddling instructor I spend around 300 days a year on the water, and also interact with a broad cross-section of our community.  As a result, it's not only important that I am able to access the right gear I need, that serves its purpose well and lasts, but also that I am able to help my friends and clients find the right equipment that best meets their needs.

Being a paddlesports gear manufacturer is not a lucrative existence, and most people involved in this little industry are in it simply because they love what they do.  With that in mind I place a high level of importance on supporting companies that put the needs of whitewater paddlers first with respect to innovation, design, durability, and service, and who carry the torch of our fun little crowd of adventurers.

I am not a sponsored athlete in as much of a sense as I am a common connection point for both paddlers and manufacturers to work together to create the best gear possible, see that it intersects with who needs it, and to support our community.  Through a plurality of partnerships, I can offer objective support in earnest to paddlers I work with and also not break the bank due to the large amount of paddles, skirts, drygear and kayaks that I wear through.  On this page are some of the many manufacturers who honor our community with their quality and service, and who also understand the importance of paddlesports education.